10 Easy Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Couch fort

Entertaining your kids is a challenge at the best of times – introduce rain and you’ve got a whole new can of worms. Here’s a handful of easy rainy day activities for kids that will both amuse and help develop your offspring.

Get cooking

Sometimes the best cure for a cold rainy day is something warm to enjoy and what better thing to do with being stuck inside than make something warm and delicious with your child! Cookies, pizza, cake… the choice is yours. But if you’re going with a cake you’ll want to check out our friends at bake believe, whose mission is to make baking beautiful cakes an easy, accessible activity. So simple and streamlined your child (or you) can easily do it! Regardless of your choice of indulgence, cooking is a great way to get creative, learn the important life skill of producing at least semi-edible food, and bond with your kid in a way that yields a delicious outcome.

Bake believe

Make some ‘dough or slime

If making an edible, bake-able dough isn’t on your agenda for this rainy day, try making a dough or making a slimethat can be played with and used again and again. Though purchasing Play-Do from a store is an option, using our recipe to make a quick, natural play dough is more hands-on to make and will worry you a little less if your child does decide it looks rather tasty. Sculpt animals, buildings, or each other. It’s a fun way to be creative with everyday ingredients and one of our favourite rainy day activities for kids. 


To mix things up a bit, make a rainy day a special occasion by spending it at a trampoline park. If you’ve never heard of this, Google trampoline park and you’ll be surprised to probably find one near you. Trampoline parks are taking the world by storm and for good reason, providing multitudes of spaces to bounce, ball pits to jump in, and a whole lot more ways to have fun and move around, no matter the weather.

Colour or paint

Get the creative juices flowing and make some art. Maybe the moody weather will fuel some creative passion or maybe you’ll just have a fun few hours laughing at the outcomes of your artistic labour. Either way, colouring or painting is an affordable, easy way to get colourful even when the skies aren’t.

Play a board/card game

Just like reading, playing games is another good, low-space occupying way to test the brain and kill some time. There are countless good games that will be engaging for you and your child so go ahead and pull those games out of the cupboard and dust ‘em off.

Build a fort

Rainy day activities for kids don’t come more traditional than the good ol’ fort! Gather together all of your pillows, blankets, furniture, the dog, or whatever else you might need to make your new fortress home. A good chance to practice home improvement and build a nice little place to watch movies, read or do whatever other rainy day activities come next. If you need some inspiration check out this one from All For The Boys (where our feature image is from!)

Set up an indoor obstacle course

Much like the classic fort, building a course that your kid will be excited to tackle will be half of the fun for the both of you. Overturned chairs to climb under, pillows to dodge around, get creative! The opportunities are endless as long as you’re careful to keep things safe.

Woollahra Library

Go to the library

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you can do no wrong by reading to your child. Though just reading to or with your child is great, educational, and enriching, oftentimes many libraries also have children’s areas with different activities or offer events every now and then. Check out your local library to see what’s happening and then go by and get a head start on more reading. Pictured left is the new Woollahra Library which….. has a SLIDE! Bonkers.

SOURCE: Australian Libraries Gateway

Find an indoor gym/sports court

The rain coming down doesn’t mean all physical activity has to stop. If you’re a member of a gym, see if there are any indoor courts there that would be suitable for a round of football, basketball, or whatever you and your kid may choose. If you’re not a gym member, look into gyms that offer an affordable day pass. After all, it’s never too early (or rainy) to play some sports.  

Play in the rain!

Rainy days don’t mean you have to stay inside. Pull on some gumboots and a poncho and hop into some puddles. If you’re yet to introduce your child to puddles, bathe (literally) in their wonderous reactions. 

For more rainy day activities for kids you can do without leaving the house, check out 10 Enriching Activities For Kids On School Holidays.

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