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Mars Patel Cast Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts for kids are a great way to answer the why questions and ignite a love of learning. It’s worth being explicit about it with your kids too; talk about what the presenter might have studied to determine their topic, and about how they have worked hard to get there. Here’s a great selection of podcasts for kids that cover an array of fascinating topics.

Short and Curly – Ethics and Philosophy, Ages 6+

This podcast asks questions about animals, technology, school, pop culture and the future and gets kids and adults to think about things differently. Titles include: Who should decide when you can get your ears pierced? What’s the point of school uniforms? And Was Robin Hood right? Should you rob the rich to help the poor?

Wow In The World – Science, Ages 6+

This is a fantastic podcast, put on by the America NPR. It goes deep, exploring biology, astronomy and more with great detail, so it’s as interesting for adults as it is for kids. Titles include “Now Watch Me Drip Drip: The Science Of Slower Melting Ice Cream!” “The Curious Case of the Everlasting Storm” and “Do Birds Of A Feather Flock Together?”

Smiling Mind – Mindfulness, All Ages

You may have heard of this for adults, but it also has an excellent curriculum for use in schools. Sign up, and you can use the five-minute meditations before bed or in the car. They include topics like focusing on all the things you can hear or counting breaths.

Brains On! – Science and History, Ages 6+

Each week, a different kid co-host joins the presenter to find answers to questions about the world. Titles include “What makes gross things gross” “How does the GPS know where you are?” and “How to cook for an alien.”

The Unexplainable Disappearance Of Mars Patel – Serial, Ages 8-12

Podcasts for kids, performed by kids. This is a high-quality mystery that is a bit ‘Stranger Things’ – esque. So far there are two seasons, of 10 episodes each. Gripping and fun.

Podcasts for kids

Stories Podcast – English, Ages 4+

Performs different children’s stories each week. Their pitch is that it limits screen time and encourages imagination; while I believe the best thing is for you to read with them, that’s not always possible, especially in the car! Stories vary in length.

Classics for Kids – Music, All Ages

Another cracker from NPR. At school kids need to learn to create and appreciate music; this is a great way to introduce a range of classical music styles gently. Be sure to discuss what they like and don’t like and emphasise the way the music makes them feel (e.g. energetic, calm).

The Past and the Curious – History, Ages 6+

Explores the history of all sorts of random things, like cartoons, foods, ballooning and more. Titles include “Birds: Moon Migration, Cher Ami, Cluck Old Hen and more” and “Heights: Ferris Wheel, Charles Blondin, East of the Sun and more!”

But Why – All Topics, Ages 6+

Kids ask the questions and NPR finds the answers. Titles include “Why Do People Like Different Types of Music?” How Was The Universe Created?” and “Why Do Ants Bite?”. Parents take a voice memo of their child and send it in. This is a great way to encourage interaction – even if you don’t send in the questions your kids can come up with things they want to find out about themselves.

This Kid Life – All Topics, Ages 6+

Podcasts for kids from the Sydney Opera House, exploring kids’ ideas about topics like the environment, school and social media. Episodes are around fifteen minutes; again, encourage participation by getting your kids to come up with topics they would like to weigh in on.

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