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Welcome All the young dads

Welcome to All The Young Dads – not just a website, but a place where dads, soon-to-be-dads, and even nowhere-near-dads can get some perspective on the joy, the uncertainty, and the white-knuckled horror that is parenting.

All The Young Dads or ATYD is more than just a parenting resource. We’re a community of men who have your back because we’ve been there. Seriously. We’ve been there.

When my first kid was born, I spent more time shitting my pants (figuratively) than he did (literally. Oh god, how horrifically literally).

Unsurprising, really. After all, parenting is life’s most complex and challenging job… and you sign up to it with exactly zero experience. It’s a bit like walking into a hospital operating room and saying “hand me one of those little knives, I’m going in.”

But, unlike surgery-sans-experience, when it comes to parenting, somehow, insanely, it all seems to work out. You roll in hot, knowing fuck all about fuck all, and against all odds, you somehow manage to be a dad.

So, above all else, relax. You’ve got this.

When I was first asked to take on the role of editor at All The Young Dads, I hesitated.

Against an army of ultra-qualified contributors and fully accredited parenting sources, what could I possibly add to the discussion? What were my experiences as a dad really worth? But then, as I was wrist-deep in shitty nappies and singing along to every fucking word of the entire Moana soundtrack, I had an epiphany.

Parenting is less like maths, and more like leapfrogging blindfolded over parking meters while a drunk mate tries to direct you.

There is no single right answer here, just the occasional pointer that may help you take fewer shots to the nuts (both figurative and literal).

And, at the end of the day, that’s what All The Young Dads really is. A group that’s here to help you take fewer shots to the nuts; to help make moving forward as a parent a little easier, and, occasionally, even a hell of a lot of fun.

Welcome to All The Young Dads*.
Let’s get leapfrogging.

– Jon

* Don’t let the name fool you. Old dads are welcome too (and may I say well done, sir, on your bold and virile move).

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