10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For New Parents

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Yup. It’s happened. It’s that time of year when you’re getting daily voicemails from your Mum saying ‘we need to talk about Christmas’. Got a friend/sibling/colleague who’s a new parent that you need to buy a gift for or you just want to show your partner that you’ve occasionally been listening? As usual, we’ve got your back. We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for new parents.

1. Entertainment: As a new parent, going out to movies and concerts is suddenly largely impossible – even watching live television not really an option. You’re suddenly obsessed with sticking to your tiny tyrant’s schedule and to be honest you’re just too exhausted. If this is a problem you’re keen to solve, a gift card to Netflix or Stan or a voucher for GooglePlay or iTunes will give new parents the illusion that they’re vaguely still part of mainstream society (even though they’re watching Game of Thrones 2 months after everyone else).Youfoodz2. Sustenance: Babies are time-consuming little creatures. Not only do they require a whole lot of feeding, changing and washing, we’re also biologically programmed to think that they’re fascinating which makes it very easy to spend a good portion of the day just marvelling at their tiny cuteness. One of the things that all these things doesn’t really work well with is maintaining a functioning household, especially the whole meal planning and grocery shopping side of things. There’s definitely going to be at least one night a week in any new parent’s house when there’s nothing in the fridge, the baby’s crying and the estimated UberEATS delivery time is approximately 45 minutes. A gift voucher for a service like The Dinner Ladies or some pre-prepared meals from Youfoodz will honestly be life-changing. Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, prepare some freezable meals, pop them in a cooler bag and you’re good to go!

3. Sanity: Being a new parent can be pretty soul destroying. You go from being pretty competent at life to waking up each morning wondering how you will stuff up during the day. Luckily there some are pretty great products out there to help with this. If this gift sounds up your alley, we love Take My Hand’s BestPlay Box (from $80). It’s a toolkit of expert-developed baby activities plus a toy and book which will take any parent from zero to hero. Another great option is Baby Love ($26). This book is basically as close as you can get to a ‘how to’ guide for parents and is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who has chosen to reproduce.4. Caffeine: This is literally the life-blood of any new parent. If a new parent claims that they’re getting through the day without at least one coffee they’re lying. A gift voucher to the local coffee shop or a small one of those ‘pod’ coffee machines will mostly like bring your chosen recipient to tears. We like the Lavazza Magia or the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Infinissima, both of which use pods that can be bought at the local supermarket and come in under the $60 mark.

5. A picnic blanket: We know it sounds lame, but honestly, this will be on high rotation, permanently tucked under the pram or in the back of the car. We like the MonkeyMat ($30) which is one of the most versatile picnic/playmats on the market or these simple, but effective choices from Kmart or Target. Plus, with all of these options coming in at under $40, you’ll be able to stay well within that Secret Santa budget.'Urban' Bubba MatRELATED: 12 Baby Products Aussie Dads Can’t Live Without

6. Baby-friendly furniture: a return to a (somewhat) stylish home. Babies require a lot of “stuff” and despite the best efforts of home goods designers to make inroads in this space, most of that stuff is never going to be featured in the pages of Vogue Living. Yet as far as furniture goes, the BubbaMat (a playmat that doubles as a stylish rug, $199) and the Ikea Leka baby gym ($199) both combine functionality with a clean aesthetic making them great Christmas gifts for new parents who are pedantic about the appearance of their home.

7. For the travelling dad: if the dad in your life’s pre-baby Insta feed was full of sickening photos of their seemingly constant holidays, they will likely be itching to make the most of the two-year period when they can travel with their baby without having to fork out the funds for a full price air ticket. However, they will also have quickly discovered that to successfully travel with a baby requires some key equipment. If you’re okay with the sudden return of endless photos of Portofino or Santorini (let’s face it, it’s probably better than the current level of baby-spam), our top picks for the ‘travel parent’ are the Phil and Teds Traveller Portacot ($199), the b.box travel change mat ($35) and Brauer’s Sleep Remedy ($18).traveller travel cot8. Babysitting: Obviously, this relies on the new parent trusting you enough with their precious baby to leave you alone with it, but if you can pull it off, an offer of babysitting is a gift they’ll probably be talking about for years. Plus, (other than
giving up your time) this one costs nothing. Win!

9. Envy: On some level, every parent wants to feel that they are crushing the whole parenting thing. Usually, this comes in the form of jealous comments from other parents. Sound like the perfect gift? These gifts will bring them the admiring glances and comments from other parents that they secretly crave – the Mountain Buggy Pod $79 (a portable high chair with a difference, the ATYD team have personally gotten admiring comments on this everywhere from the Brunswick to Honolulu) or Babiators from $34 (the most stylish sunglasses for children going around).

10. Anti-ageing: Research has now proven that having children ages parents faster than smoking or being overweight. Not ideal. While these products won’t be able to fully reverse the possibly now questionable lifestyle choice your chosen recipient has made, these anti-ageing skincare options will definitely be appreciated – Bro-To Skincare’s Face Hero ($45) or Aesops Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum ($75).

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