Link Between Coffee And Fertility Could Equal Conception

Coffee And Fertility

A new study about coffee and fertility suggests men who drink more coffee may be increasing their chances of daddyhood. 

If you’re trying to conceive at the moment and think you should stop at one daily cup of coffee, go on, have another.

America’s National Institutes of Health has just released a study which found that men who drink at least two cups of coffee a day are twice as likely to get their partners pregnant.

Sampling 500 couples who were trying to conceive, the study concluded that the men who consumed two or more cups of coffee each day the week before the couple had sex had double the chance of conceiving.

The study’s lead author Dr. Sunni Mumford expressed some surprise at the results given that caffeine has always been considered a factor in impairing male fertility, thought to potentially damage sperm DNA.

“The research on male caffeine intake and its effects on fertility is pretty mixed,” noted Dr Mumford.

But Belfast fertility specialist Professor Sheena Lewis of Queens University offered a possible explanation for the findings around coffee and fertility, related to caffeine’s effects on adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and guanosine triphosphate (GTP).

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“Caffeine prevents these chemicals from breaking down so more energy is available to cells including sperm so they can swim faster or longer. If this explanation held, continued Dr Lewis, it would be good news for men with fertility issues “because lots of infertility is caused by sperm that are poor swimmers.”

In essence, while it’s still possible the extra cups of joe may reduce your overall number of sperm, the extra caffeine may ‘supercharge’ the remaining swimmers to perform better in the race to the egg.

In the end, many fertility experts are unsure of the effects of caffeine on motility, positive or negative, and most will still suggest you reduce or at least maintain your level of caffeine intake. But don’t compensate that with more schooners… that definitely won’t help.

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