Jon AustinJon Austin is the father of two wild boys, and the Executive Creative Director of advertising agency Host/Havas, which seems tame by comparison. His passion for pop culture and entertainment has helped him accrue some unconventional accolades, including a Gold Album; a shout out at the United Nations; a #1 charting Christmas Carol; and a credit on the Power Rangers movie (although he doesn’t usually tell people about that last one). If you ask him what his proudest moment is, he’ll tell you it was the birth of his first kid. But inside, he’ll be thinking about the time Michael Jackson waved at him during his 1995 HIStory tour.

Michael Pickering All The Young Dads


Michael Pickering has 25 years experience as a magazine editor, including running some of Australia’s leading men’s lifestyle and luxury publications such as Men’s Style, RALPH and Rugby League Week. His writing has appeared in publications as diverse as Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Inside Sport, InTheBlack, Cleo, Voyeur, QANTAS magazine and many more. Michael is a step-dad to two teenage boys and dad to a seven-year-old tornado named Madeline. 


Dr Peter West

Peter West, PhD, is a well-known social commentator and author. His books include Fathers, Sons and Lovers and What is the Matter with Boys? He is a proud father of three and boasts about his six grandkids. As a specialist in boys’ education, Peter gives workshops for teachers and parents motivating boys to achieve and speaks of the need for fathers to do more for kids. He works as a casual lecturer, ACU, Sydney.

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Rob Sturrock All The Young Dads

Rob Sturrock is a father and author. He has been published by Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post, Women’s Agenda, Mamamia and Circle In. Professionally he has worked in consultancy, law and public policy. Rob passionately advocates for working dads and explores ways that they can do more caring for their children.


Rose Pennington


Rose Pennington is a teacher, education consultant, PhD candidate and creator of 7 Steps To Thrive. She is passionate about the development of social and emotional skills in children so that they may achieve wellbeing, resilience and academic goals. She provides training, information and resources to teachers and parents so that they can do the same.


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Richard Kerrigan All The Young Dads


Richard Kerrigan is a chef, personal trainer and nutrition coach. His business, The Beach Life, was inspired by the passing of his father after his health deteriorated due to no work-life balance. Today Rich helps people transform their lives and bodies with a sustainable approach to fresh food and exercise.

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Steve Biddulph

Steve Biddulph is one of the world’s best-known parent educators. A psychologist for 30 years, his books including The Secret of Happy Children, Raising Boys, The New Manhood and now 10 Things Girls Need Most reside in four million homes across 31 languages. They have influenced the way modern society looks at childhood, especially the development of boys and men and more recently the exploitation and misuse of girls and young women. 


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