Diageo Announces 26 Week Paid Parental Leave Policy

Dad holding daughter

Alcohol giant Diageo has recently announced a new parental leave policy, available to all Australian employees from 1st July 2019, which will provide male and female parents six months paid parental leave.

The policy, which is open to all employees, regardless of whether they’re the primary carer or not or how long they’ve been at the company, comes as part of a global roll-out to change the conversation around work and parenthood.

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“We are committed to creating a fully inclusive and diverse workforce and we strongly believe that businesses play a significant role in shaping the future of society,” said Mairéad Nayager, chief HR officer at Diageo.

“Global businesses like Diageo must make bold moves on policies and the environments in which their employees work to ensure that the progress people deserve happens.”

“It turns the conversation from women having babies to men and women raising families,” said Diageo Australia Managing Director David Smith.

In 2018, the company was named by Thompson Reuters as the fourth most inclusive and diverse company in the world.

Source: womensagenda.com.au

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