ecoBirdy Sustainable Children’s Furniture Is Made From Recycled Toys

ecobirdy sustainable children's furniture

Plastic toys are great. They bring a smile to your child’s face, they’re physically and psychologically engaging, and they bring you peace of mind as you watch your child stacking rings, arranging pieces, or wacking the shit out of something than it does to watch your child stare mind-numbingly into a screen. The folks at ecoBirdy sustainable children’s furniture recognise these positives but have capitalised on the negatives of endless plastic toys.

There are probably a few things you don’t know about these seemingly innocent plastic toys:

  • 80% end up in landfills, waste incinerators or even oceans
  • 90% have only a 6 months lifetime
  • 500 bottle caps have the same value as one plastic toy

Basically, the toys you buy for your kids come at a greater, more complex cost than the retail price you pay at the local toy shop. This realization, coupled with the fact that the world’s oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish by the year 2050,  inspired ecoBirdy co-founders Vanessa Yuan and Joris Vanbriel to take action.

Their proposition: give those one loved toys a second life.

ecoBirdysustainable children’s furniture does just that. Using school outreach programs in Belgium to educate children on the effects of plastic waste and the power of recycling, ecoBirdy invites children to bring their own old plastic toys from home and place them in a large collection container.  Kids and parents can leave their contact information when dropping off their toys to receive an email showing their toy in its new form. That new form is one of ecoBirdy’s stylish children design pieces that have earned the company a Good Design Award® in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.⠀

ecobirdy sustainable children's furniture

ecobirdy sustainable children's furniture

All ecoBirdy products are made of ecothylene® an innovative material developed by ecoBirdy that separates recycled plastic by colour. This is where ecoBirdy furniture’s signature colourful look comes from and leaves each piece of furniture with its own unique pattern.

ecobirdy sustainable children's furniture

ecobirdy sustainable children's furniture

Make no mistake: building stylish furniture out of 100% recycled plastic is no easy task. Using 100% recycled plastic is much more complicated than using virgin plastic and an immense amount of effort must go into guaranteeing safety and ensuring a sustainable process. ecoBirdy has perfected this process and filmed it to show those interested in how they can help the environment by upcycling their toys.

Check out the ecoBirdy sustainable children’s furniture and lighting collection at the ecoBirdy website.

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