World First Joey Trackable Comforter Can Be Located Via Bluetooth

Ergo Pouch Joey Trackable Comforter

ErgoPouch has just released the Joey Trackable Comforter, the world’s first baby toy that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. When your child’s Joey has been left somewhere, just open the app to “call Joey”, causing the toy to ring until it can be found.

Designed in Australia, designed for sleep, and designed to end tears, Joey is made with organic cotton and bamboo to have a cloudlike softness perfect for delicate young skin. Its antibacterial textiles are naturally resistant to bacteria and made to repel dust mites, mould and mildew.

Ergo Pouch Joey Trackable Comforter

The Joey Trackable Comforter is safe-sleep compliant and its Bluetooth functionality has been thoroughly tested and has passed all safety requirements for Australia and New Zealand. The tracker works for up to 50 metres (if your house and or garden is bigger than that – well played) and can be cleaned easily with a quick circuit through the washing machine after removing the tracker from Joey’s concealed pocket. 

Ergo Pouch Joey Trackable Comforter

Joey is a friendly little character with a big personality- made for squeezing, hugging and good times! With easy trackability, those good times will keep on rolling.

Order the Joey Trackable Comforter from ErgoPouch for $39.95 and end all of those lost-toy-tears.

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