9 Essential Apps For Parents

Essential Apps For Parents Feed Baby

From endless recipe tips to turning your phone into a sleep monitor, you’ll find heaps of apps that basically do the parenting for you. Here are nine essential apps for parents you won’t be able to live without.

Wonder Weeks ($4.49 – IOS, Android)

Check on your baby’s development and anticipate their moods with this detailed app that sets out an easy-to-follow timeline of milestones (or ‘leaps’) and upcoming periods of potentially unsettled behaviour. 

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds (Free – Android)

If your kid struggles to sleep without background noise, this app (or something similar on IOS) is a Godsend. With a range of soothing sounds, from white noise and vacuum cleaners to heavy rain and lullabies, this will help them settle in no time. Hopefully.

Feed Baby (Free – IOS, Android)

Any parents will know the potential pain breastfeeding can cause new mums – physically and mentally. You can help ease that anxiety by downloading this practical app that will track feeding times, set pumping schedules and more. 

Baby Connect ($7.99 – IOS, Android)

The daddy of all essential apps for parents, Baby Connect does a bit of everything, enabling you to track and record growth rates, feed times, moods, temperatures and plenty besides. You can also synch it with your partner so you’re both on the same page.

Yummly (Free – IOS, Android)

Whether you can whip up a hatted meal at the blink of an eye or you can’t boil an egg, this app will offer plenty of inspiration, carrying more than a million recipes. Essential when you’ve got a litter of hungry – and impatient – mouths to feed.

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Cloud Baby Monitor ($5.99 IOS, Android)

The ideal solution if you’re away for a holiday and haven’t packed every device you use at home, this app converts your phone into a video monitor so you can keep your eye on your baby’s sleep. It’ll even allow you to zoom, and speak to your child remotely.

Cozi (IOS, Android)

As your family grows and you find yourself juggling a million different things, you’ll need an organiser that works for the whole household. Cozi helps you schedule events and activities, create meal plans and generally get your house in order.

Bedtime Stories – Read & Tell ($3.49 Per Month, $29.99 Per Year – IOS)

Learn how to tell better tales, develop your own stories and delve into the captivating depths of the many Storyworlds provided. This is an immersive, engaging and essential app for parents that will help you connect with your kids at bedtime, no matter their age. 

Lifecake Family & Baby Photos (Free Or Subscription – IOS, Android)

For parents who don’t feel comfortable posting pics and videos of their little ones on social media but still want to share them with friends and families, Lifecake provides the perfect platform, connecting only with those you choose.

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