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Father Of Daughters

Much as we love our little ones, as dads we all feel the same thing from time to time: I’m going to walk out of the house and never come back if my kid pulls all the things out of the cupboard one more time. At times like these, it can be best to check in with some other online dads going through the trials and tribulations of fatherhood – and sharing it all. Here is a handful of the best to follow.

Father of Daughters

Simon Hooper’s adventures – and misadventures – in being a father to four daughters have been so successful on Instagram that he’s turned them into a book, Forever Outnumbered. His regular updates on family life take in everything from holidays to every day and have dads everywhere laughing and crying (often at the same time) in recognition. You can gain more insight into Hooper’s life from this interview with You The Daddy.

The 40 Year Old Dad

After years of trying for a baby, including numerous attempts at IVF, Justin Bechtold and his partner had more or less given up the ghost. Then a boy and a girl came along in quick succession and with their arrival The 40 Year Old Dad was born, a blog site dedicated to Bechtold’s wryly told stories of first-time fatherhood in middle age.

Papa Pukka

Another dad who has turned his experiences of bringing up a family into a (best-selling) book, Matt Farquharson published Parenting the Shit Out of Life with his partner Anna Whitehouse – herself a successful mum blogger. Gram posts on having a dad bod and the mix of guilt and glee at escaping for a weekend bring the chuckles and strike a chord.   

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Hitting the mark between cute, funny and informative, UK-based journalist Zen Terrelonge shares insights into his life as a proud father to daughter Roma on his Dadultlife website and Insta. Stories with titles such as ’48 hours of uncertainty that revolved around poo’ capture the mood of new fatherhood perfectly.

How to Dad


Kiwi Jordan Watson brings his hilarious tips on how to do everything from washing the car with a baby to how to get a baby to sleep to YouTube and Insta. They’ll have you laughing along in acknowledgement that yep, you’ve tried that too. And nope, it didn’t work for you either.

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