Your Best Asset For Shooting Candid Home Videos Is A GoPro

“When I pull out my iPhone to shoot home videos, my kids’ behaviour changes.”

The comment made by GoPro’s Vice President of Product & User Experience, Pablo Lema, might have been a throw-away effort at some light car chat as we cruised the highways of New Zealand’s South Island, but clearly, he hadn’t heard of ATYD.

Fascinating, we thought. What an intriguing premise for a story.

Gone are the days where it was a momentous occasion for Mum or Dad to summon the bulky video camera for home videos. Those wonderful first steps. Opening presents on Christmas morning. Geez, recording time on that thing was precious, wasn’t it?

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Unlike today. Armed with virtually unlimited storage and the noticeable lack of a brick-sized camera in their pocket, parents are capturing moments with their kids more and more often. Maybe too often.

At least Lema has noticed his three children think so, even if some still aren’t able to voice their opinions just yet. He admitted that it didn’t take them long to cotton on to the concept of casual home videos, which, sadly, is making them no longer as candid as he had previously hoped. ATYD quizzed the man further.

“They sort of clam up, they go back into their shell slightly. They know what’s happening when I pull out that iPhone.”

But apparently not as much so when he pulls out the GoPro.

Home videos with GoPro

Father of three and top dog within the global tech giant’s inner circle, Lema talked us through the experiences with his children that have him leaning towards using the new GoPro Hero 7 to capture significant moments, rather than his iPhone. Despite the convenience of having handy access to copious amounts of the product (which would be nice), the GoPro’s size, durability and features have allowed him to bring some genuine emotion back into his home videos.

It’s the simple action we’re all guilty of – holding our phones up in front of a child’s face – that has forced his emphasis on the use of a GoPro. If you think about it, such a gesture is quite intrusive. How can you expect kids to act in a candid way towards an iPhone time and time again? The more he filmed, unlike the sparse use of cameras in our childhood, the more his kids’ behaviour was influenced by his choice of device.

He also admitted, like most of us, that he’d never in a million years leave them alone with his iPhone X. They’d sooner drop it, start biting on it, or jump in the pool with it. A GoPro, for this reason, seemed like a no-brainer to both of us – it didn’t take long to have me quickly convinced.

The slick new features of the GoPro Hero 7 Black make it a pleasant bonus that the emotions it can capture are inherently more genuine. It’s also handy being able to mount it to your chest while you play on the trampoline, for instance, or set it up on a tripod in the backyard. Forget about it and leave it outside overnight? Or did it end up in the dog’s mouth? No worries. Take it in the pool with you too, if you want.

GoPro is doing its best to shake the stereotypical action sports brand it once used to win the world over. What was previously an exclusive jump-out-of planes/swim-with-sharks kind of operation has since evolved into the perfect pocket camera that can go anywhere and shoot anything.

That ‘anything’ could be a BASE jumper’s insane leap off a cliff to your kid’s first attempt at riding a bike. Lema’s colleague and GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is a big advocate of this versatility, consistently sharing his children’s first moments he shot with a GoPro.

One bloke who refused to let go of the action sports facade and give it a fair crack was NZ local and all-around legend How To Dad. To follow his humorous antics during our time together in New Zealand last month, watch the hilarity below, then head here to browse GoPro’s website for their latest kit.

Check out the simple home videos lineup from GoPro at their website.

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