How Tom Brady Mixes Fame And Family

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Last week, before Super Bowl LIII took place, then five-time ring winner Tom Brady was asked a pretty standard media question from a kid who had won a competition:

‘Who’s your hero?’

As arguably the greatest to ever play in the NFL, Tom Brady is a man worthy of his great admiration. As a result, he has become the hero of millions of kids (and adults) the world over.

So who is the hero’s hero?

‘I think my dad is my hero because he’s someone I look up to every day.’ Was Brady’s response, with a tearful smile. He didn’t expand on his answer. And he didn’t need to.

The presence of Thomas Brady Sr. in his son’s football career has been instrumental. From being the 199th draft pick in 2000 to his 6th Super Bowl win this past Sunday – Tom Brady’s dad was there. So, of course, the benefits of a loving and supportive father are far from lost on Brady the younger. However, what separates Tom Brady from his dad goes without saying: one is the greatest quarterback of all time and the other is an insurance agent.

So how does he balance fame and family? For starters, Brady is fiercely protective of his private life. This isn’t easy, especially considering the wife and mother to two of his children is internationally renowned supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who sports over 15 million Instagram followers. Brady’s first son, Jack, was born in 2007 to ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan just after the couple split. The budding quarterback had just started dating Bündchen, and this is when the supermodel decided to stick it out with Brady. Their relationship was forged in the fire and now its stronger than ever. Bündchen vowed to love Jack as her own, and the happily married couple have added two more to their family.

Vivian and Tom celebrate his 6th Superbowl win this week. Image: Streeter Lecka for Getty Images

As the most watched man in football, the pressure is on for Tom Brady. But his loving wife and kids understand this. Tuesday – Brady’s only weekday off during the season – is 100% family time, so too is the nights when he’s not at practice. All three of Brady’s children make regular appearances at their father’s local game at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts but unless it’s a really big game (like one of the nine Super Bowls Brady has been in), the kids will stay at home with their mum or extended family.

To his wife Giselle, Tom Brady has been known to be completely consumed by football. After all, it’s the source of what has brought him his beautiful family as well as what sustains their lifestyle. But for Brady, when it’s family time, it’s family time and all the distractions of the outside world need to be laid to rest. This is how Brady’s hopes to emulate his hero can come to fruition.

Feature Image: Kevin C. Cox/Getty

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