School Holidays 2019 Essential Dates

Australia School Holidays 2019

The school holidays period could easily be likened to boat ownership, where they say the two best days are ‘the day you buy it’ and ‘the day you sell it’. Except, with school holidays, you compound both days of comparative joy into the day the kids go back to school, after realising the first day kicks off weeks of endless attention, activities, funding and transport, oh and love, of course. With the new year rapidly approaching, ATYD thought it was imperative to provide a list of essential dates for the School Holidays 2019.

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The following table outlines School Holidays 2019 for all public schools in all Australian states. Learn them, memorise them, put them in your calendar. Most importantly start planning for them!

Australian School Holidays 2019

 1stTerm2nd Term3rdTerm4thTerm
ACT04 Feb12 Apr29 Apr05 Jul22 Jul27 Sep14 Oct18 Dec
Victoria29 Jan05 Apr29 Apr28 Jun15 Jul20 Sep07 Oct20 Dec
Queensland29 Jan05 Apr23 Apr28 Jun15 Jul20 Sep08 Oct13 Dec
South Australia29 Jan12 Apr29 Apr05 Jul22 July27 Sep14 Oct13 Dec
Western Australia04 Feb12 Apr29 Apr05 Jul22 Jul27 Sep14 Oct19 Dec
Tasmania06 Feb12 Apr29 Apr05 Jul22 Jul27 Sep14 Oct19 Dec
Northern Territory 29 Jan
30 Jan
12 Apr*
12 Apr**
23 Apr28 Jun23 Jul27 Sep14 Oct
14 Oct
12 Dec*
13 Dec**
New South Wales30 Jan
06 Feb
07 Apr*
07 Apr**
26 Apr30 Jun18 Jul22 Sep09 Oct15 Dec

NT * represents NT Urban Schools
NT ** represents NT Remote Schools

NSW * represents NSW Eastern division
NSW ** represents NSW Western division

Please be aware that these dates are subject to change and ATYD will do our best to keep those changes updated. Private, specialist and faith-based schools will differ.

For more important dates head at Australia.gov.au

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