Enhance Your Baby’s Development With The Take My Hand BestPlay Box

Take My Hand Best Play Box

Being a new parent is hard. Actually, beating the All Blacks at home is hard. Parenting is beyond hard. Fear not, help has arrived from the Take My Hand BestPlay Box.

After being handed your tiny human bundle there’s an overwhelming, overpowering rush of love. Alarmingly quickly though, that love is followed by an equally overwhelming sense of responsibility. You’re in charge of turning this blank slate into a happy, healthy, functioning person.

Take My Hand BestPlay Box

Research shows that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are absolutely critical to children’s development. And, in a cruel twist, that same research counts the thousand days from conception, so by the time you’re holding your baby you’re already 280-ish days in! Unless you’ve been playing your baby Mozart and reciting the multiplication tables in-utero you’re likely behind the ball so you better make the next 720 days count.

With roughly 2 years of varying degrees of sleep deprivation on the horizon and an endless list of new jobs (no, your kid isn’t weird, everyone is doing that many nappy changes) finding time to expose your baby to right activities, experiences and environments that determine how well they are set up for their lives is a daunting concept.





Fortunately, you’re not the first person this realisation has dawned on. Enter Take My Hand. 

The Take My Hand BestPlay Box is Australia’s first expert-developed toolkit of activities, toys and books designed and chosen to meet and enhance your baby’s development. Take My Hand’s experts include Jane Hely who is peer recognised as one of Australia’s best early childhood educators and Susan Coker a child librarian with more than 20 years experience. It’s the brainchild of Kate Anstee, an ex-corporate lawyer and mum of two who was absolutely floored by what she was supposed to be doing when her first daughter arrived.

With free delivery to your door, you can order a one-time Take My Hand BestPlay Box ($80) for your baby’s age (birth to 3 mos, 3 mos to 6 mos, 6 mos to 9 mos, or 9 mos to a year) or purchase a subscription ($280) and a box will be delivered every three months during your baby’s first year of life, giving them access to the latest resources, activities, and toys for each of their unique developmental stages.

Take My Hand BestPlay Box

“When my daughter was born I mostly managed to get on top of all the practical stuff like bathing, nappies and the dreaded purees, but I really struggled with working out exactly what I should be doing for all that time between naps (she was not a good sleeper!). I just wanted to play with her and have fun, but I also knew that there were things that I should have been doing. Between trying to adjust to life as a parent and getting all the practical stuff done I found I didn’t really have the time (and definitely not the energy!) to research play ideas, sensory activities for babies or basically anything more elaborate than reciting the latest nursery rhyme I’d just learned off YouTube. Even when I walked into a toy or bookstore I was overwhelmed by choices (why is every toy marked 3 years+??!)! I just kept thinking there must be a better way of doing this.” 

The experts at Take My Hand have drawn on decades of experience and the latest research so that you’ll never have to worry again about whether you are doing everything you can to support your baby’s development in that crucial first year.

Is it going to play with your kid while you watch replays on FoxSports? No. But it comes pretty damn close. Do yourself and favour and check out theTake My Hand BestPlay Box here.

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